I make freestanding and wall-mounted artworks of wood, metal, digital prints and steel fasteners. The pieces incorporate hand cut shapes, using traditional carpentry, assemblage and hand painted elements. Other pieces incorporate photographic images both original and collected, drawn from classical sculpture, NASA images and natural forms. The images are manipulated digitally using halftones and drawn elements, then hand painted. Metal supports and found objects feature as both structure and embellishment. There are three categories of interest in my practice: nature and the machine, celestial objects, and votives. I think of each work as a vessel for containing spiritual forces, bolts and washers representing oaths of protection and other elements referencing time, culture and our connection
to the planet.



Pratt Institute, BFA, 1980
City University of New York, Coursework in Biology and Earth Science, 2001
Yale University, Yale School of Art, MDiv Religion and the Arts, Coursework in Sculpture, Yale School of Art, 2010

Lives and works in New York NY, and Yonkers NY


2021 – Peep Space, Tarrytown NY
2019 – Phillipse Manor State Historic Site, Yonkers NY
2012 – Mosnart, Visiting Artist Program, Chicago, IL
2006 – Visual Arts Project at SMV NY NY
1984 – Limbo Gallery, NY
1983 – Piezo Electric Gallery, NY


2024 – Biennial Means Necessary, Jane’s Room, 78 Jane Street, NY NY2023 – Torrance Art Museum Tryst Fair, Torrance, CA
2023 – I Sing the Body Electric, Jane’s Room, 78 Jane Street,  NY NY
2023 – Chaos Theory, Empty Circle, 499 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
2023 –  You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows, Empty Circle, 499 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
2022 – Qipo Art Fair, Mexico City, MX
2022 – Lapdogs of War, Empty Circle, Brooklyn, NY2021 – Perfect Day, Drugs and Art, White Box, NY, NY
2021 – Yonkers Arts Project Space, Yonkers, NY
2019 – Beezelbub’s Tales, Empty Circle, 499 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
2018 – Warburton Gallery, Yonkers, NY
2017 – Blue Door Art Center, Yonkers, NY
2017 – Kunstraum, Summer Invitational, Brooklyn, NY
2017 – Counterpointe, Actors Equity Theatre, Brooklyn, NY
2015 – Outlet Gallery, Annual Invitational, Brooklyn, NY
2014 – Riverfront Gallery, Yonkers, NY
2008 – Green Gallery, Yale, New Haven
1997 – A Gathering of the Tribes, NY NY

Collaborative Performance: (2017, 2022) Norte Maar, Counterpointe 5, Counterpointe 9,
Residencies: Mudhouse Art, 2023 Crete, Mosnart, Chicago, 2009;

Collections: JP Morgan Chase