Noel Hennelly (b 1957, New York City).

I am a sculptor working in assemblage and construction using plywood, steel hardware, armatures, fabric, wood, plastic, readymade elements, and fastenings. In many cases, the artworks represent votives, elegies, and topical symbols based on organic forms with psychological, cultural, and scientific references. Scrollwork pieces are hand-cut and assembled using attachments sourced from local hardware stores and technology-based hardware. I am interested in the crossover between the natural and the manufactured, both commonplace and rarefied. There’s an inherent narrative, with form as an extension of how a plant or organism functions.


Empty Circle, Brooklyn (2021),

Peep Space Tarrytown, (2021)

Phillipse Manor Hall, Yonkers, (2019)

Warburton, Yonkers, (2018)

Blue Door Art Center, Yonkers (2017)

Riverfront, Yonkers (2014)

Outlet, Brooklyn, (2011)

Green Gallery Yale, New Haven, (2008)

Tribes, NY, (1997)

Limbo, NY, (1984)

Piezo Electric Gallery, NY, (1983)

Collaborative Performance: (2017) Norte Maar, Counterpointe 5, Residencies at Mosnart, Chicago, 2009. Represented in the JP Morgan Chase Collection. BFA Pratt Institute, 1980, Post Baccalaureate coursework in Biology and Earth Science, City University of New York, 2001,  MDiv Yale University 2010.